Afterimage by J. Kowallis

Spoiler free review

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

Afterimage is the first book in dystopian series The Enertia Trials. It is set after World War 3 where the world is controlled by a governmental organization called The Public which strikes to achieve the perfect society by capturing people and drugging them. This leaves people with almost no emotions and no strength to resist.

This book is told from multiple perspectives with the main focus on Reggie and Nate. Reggie, having lived indoors in Public One facilities for 15 years, can see little snippets of the future and foresees her escape. On the other hand Nate is part of a group of people called Nomads who haven’t been captured by the government. He is one of the people who has a say in making decisions of what him and the rest of the people who live with him will do (Nomads).

The book is well written with superb world building. The storyline is full with action with something happening at every moment. There was a little bit of romance but the focus was on the action part of the story. The concept of The Public was quite frightening as I couldn’t stop imagining myself in this world where I would be captured and ripped off of my emotions. If there is one thing that I couldn’t live without then that would be not being able to think for myself and just being an empty shell of a man.

One thing that you rarely find in books and that I especially appreciated i this one was the fact that the characters where all in different age groups. Starting from teens and ending with 60 year olds. Not only where the characters diverse age wise but also personality wise. There were characters that I LOVED (like London) and also characters that I wasn’t a big fan of. And being able to read from different perspectives made sure that I was able to really see what everyone was about. This made the book to be quite a refreshing read.

Now on to the negative aspects of the book . Sometimes (with the emphasis on sometimes) the conversations between the characters felt a little bit too strained and unnatural, to a certain degree staged. Also even though there clearly was some development relationship wise between the characters, I’d prefer it if the author had expanded on it a bit more as it felt like it was skipped altogether.

Side note: someone really need to edit this book once again and correct all of the misspelled and missing words.

I enjoyed reading this book and thought that the premise was fairly interesting. I am excited to see where the story goes in the next three books.

I was sent the eBook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. In no way it affected my review.


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