The Animal Under The Fur by E. J. Mellow

Spoiler free review

My rating 4/5 stars

This is the first book of E. J. Mellow’s I’ve ever read and it made sure that this won’t be the last. Her writing style turned out to be mesmerizing. The way she managed to keep the storyline fast paced while still not rushing the romance, was something I wasn’t expecting. A little bit into the book I was slightly worried that the author would suddenly make the characters ”love” each other though I was pleasantly surprised that the relationship between the two main characters developed slowly  (but not that slow that it would just get boring). Also the way E. J. Mellow used her writing to describe the change in the characters’ attitudes towards each other was greatly appreciated. This rather slow developing relationship was like a contrast to the fast paced story that made sure that the book was not too overwhelming.

The book had two main characters- Nashville ( or ‘3’) and Carter.

I love reading books with strong and independent female characters and this one didn’t let me down. However it did take me a while to get accustomed to Nashville. At first she seemed unreal and it was hard to find something to connect myself with her. Though, about a quarter way in the book she grew on me. Her amazing abilities and this fierceness of hers was satisfying to read about. While reading the book  I had a hard time deciding whether I’d actually want to meet Nashville in real life. I have a feeling that as soon as her eyes would land on me I would be so intimidated by her and her presence that I wouldn’t know what to  do with myself.

Carter. Was he a fun character. His wittiness and cockiness, his occasional childish remarks made him such a likable person.. Even though I enjoyed Carter’s character a bit more, I still preferred reading the chapters narrated by Nashville.

The relationship between Nashville and Carter was so interesting. Both of them entertained me to a point were I would start silently laughing while reading the book. Their completely and utterly amazing insults directed to each other was one of the things that made the book 4 stars for me.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I took the one start off because for some reason I was not too affected by what was going on in the book and I think that there was a potential for me, as a reader, to have stronger emotions while reading the book.

What would stop us from becoming the monsters we seek to kill if we can no longer find or appreciate the joy in the things we are trying to protect?

 I received the ARC of The Animal Under The Fur in exchange for an honest review! Thank you so much for sending this book to me!


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