Bookish goals for 2017


I am not a person who comes up with new year’s resolutions every year only because I know I am not going to accomplish them. I would give up during the second week, if not before that. That being said, resolutions related to books actually work for me and bring a lot of excitement. I’ve come up with different 4 goals that shouldn’t put too much pressure on me. This brings us to the list of goals/resolutions for the year of 2017:

  • Read 30 books

Even though in 2016 I managed to read 50 books, this year my goal is 30 books. The reason for this is because I noticed that I mostly read during school breaks and during school I barely manage to read. It is not even that I don’t have time, it’s more that when I do have some free time, my mind is so tired that focusing my brain on anything is just too much. Having a lower goal will hopefully eliminate the extra stress that comes from being behind my reading schedule.

  • Finish all of the series I have started

That excludes the ones I have no interest in continuing e.g. Red Queen series and The Wolves of Mercy Falls and the ones that simply don’t have the next book out (The Kingkiller Chronicle). I am really excited for the final book in The Throne of Glass series, obviously I (and all of the rest of fans) still have to wait a while for the sixth novel.

  • Discover 10 new authors

I want to read books of authors new to me/ authors whose books I haven’t read and also not so well known authors. The whole bookstagram community tends to be focused only on the popular authors like Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, they obviously have written great works if they are that popular but with this goal I want to remind myself  that there are other fantastic authors out there whose books deserve some recognition.

  • Be more active on my blog

In 2017 I want to start writing book reviews and also other book related posts. I want to write at least one review a month and hopefully this way I will be able to improve my English writing skills because I’ve noticed that I have a hard time putting my ideas on a paper (or for that matter stating them out load).


Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of your bookish goals!




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